Compass & Acceleration Sensor


Measure your magnetic heading, magnetic field strength, acceleration, and tilt with this one small sensor.

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Use the Compass & Acceleration / Tilt Sensor to measure:

  • Your magnetic heading
  • The magnetic field strength in X, Y, and Z
  • Acceleration in X, Y, and Z
  • Tilt of the sensor relative to the acceleration of gravity when the sensor is not moving

When using the compass, all ferromagnetic materials must be removed from the compass’s surroundings. This includes motors, power cables, and magnetic materials like steel. This is not always possible. Calibrating the compass accounts for magnetic materials which are stationary compared to the sensor.

The compass has an accuracy of 1 degree. The accelerometer readings have accuracies of 1mg (0.0098m/s2).

The Compass & Acceleration / Tilt Sensor I2C bus address is 0x24.

I2C Registers

Address Function
0x00 SensorFirmwareRevision
0x01 ManufacturerCode
0x02 SensorIDCode
0x03 Command
0x04/0x05 HeadingData (lsb/msb)
0x06/0x07 AccelerometerXValue(lsb/msb)
0x08/0x09 AccelerometerYValue(lsb/msb)
0x0A/0x0B AccelerometerZValue(lsb/msb)
0x0C/0x0D MagnetometerXValue(lsb/msb)
0x0E/0x0F MagnetometerYValue(lsb/msb)
0x10/0x11 MagnetometerZValue(lsb/msb)
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