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The Fusion Controller is an innovative new robotics controller based on a Raspberry Pi 3 processor that comes pre-loaded with all the software, documentation, and other material needed and is ready to go out of the box. Best of all there is nothing to install on your PC, laptop, or tablet. Fire up your Fusion Controller, connect to it over WIFI, load a browser, log in and you are ready to start programming.

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The Modern Robotics Fusion is a new, powerful and innovative robotics controller that incorporates a Raspberry Pi 3 processor matched with a Modern Robotics custom add-on circuit board with its own onboard processor and custom software that creates a powerful and versatile robot controller.  Use a PC, laptop, or tablet that is equipped with WIFI to connect to the Fusion, load a browser and you are ready to start programming.  Best of all there is no software to install.


  • No Software to Install

  • Connect directly via WIFI from a laptop or tablet

  • No network or internet required
  • LOGIN using your web browser and start programming.

How it Works

When the Fusion Controller is powered up it becomes a WIFI hotspot that you can connect to from your laptop or tablet.  The Fusion then loads an on-board web server and hosts a web site that you can connect to using a browser on your device.  Once connected, login and you are ready to start programming.

Home Screen

Once logged in the Home Screen displays the options available.  From the Home Screen you can select to display documentation, write a program, change the configuration, or update the software.

The Fusion Controller can be programmed using Blockly, a Scratch-like graphical programming language from Google.



The Fusion currently supports two programming environments, Blockly, a graphical programming language similar to Scratch and Python.

Blockly is an easy to use graphical language with specialized blocks for the full range of Modern Robotics sensors. 


Program the Fusion with Python and use the extensive library of pre-defined functions that support all the Modern Robotics sensors, motors, and plug-in modules.


The numerous Fusion Controller ports give a lot of flexibility include;

4 x I2C

4 x servo

8 x analog

8 x digital

2 x motor

1 x battery

1 x charger

1 x ethernet 

4 x USB


Processor                            Quad Core 64 bit, 1.2GHz
RAM 1GB + 16GB SD card (expandable to 64GB)
Ethernet 10/100
Wireless 8.2.11n / Bluetooth 4.0
USB 4 x USB2
Sensor Ports 8 Digital, 8 Analog, 4 I2C
Motor Ports 2
Servo Ports 4
Video HDMI / Composite
Power 1 x Micro USB, 1 x Battery port, 1 x Battery Charger


I/O Ports

Battery Input 6.0V NiMh/NiCd Battery Pack
Micro USB Power Input 5.0-5.2V 2.5A max
Digital I/O Ports 8 (D0-D7)
– Logic Levels 5V TTL
– Series Resistor 220 ohm
– Current Limit 22mA
Analog Input Ports 8 (A0 – A7)
– Voltage Levels 0 – 5v DC
– Resolution 10 bit
I2C I/O Ports 4
– Logic Levels 5V TTL
– Pull-up Resistor 47k ohm
-Series Resistor 47 ohm
Servo PWM Ports 4
-Standar Mode 750uS – 2250uS
-Extended Mode 500uS – 2500uS
-Servo Output 6.0v*
PWM DC Motor Ports 2
-Operation Frequency 800Hz PWM
-Stop Modes Float / Brake
-Motor Voltage 6.0V*

* Requires the use of a Modern Robotics NiMh/NiCd Battery Pack

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