IR Seeker V3


The IRSeeker V3 sensor detects IR signals and determines the direction of the source.

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The IR Seeker V3 detects IR signals from the HiTechnic IR Beacon or IR ball and by using two detectors it calculates the direction to the signal source.

The relative signal strength from left and right looking detector are combined to create approximate direction readings. These readings are simultaneously taken for both the 600Hz and 1200Hz beacon and ball frequencies. Direction readings to the left of center are negative, to the right of center are positive and dead ahead are zero.

The IR Seeker V3 I2C bus address of 0x38.

I2C Registers

Addr. Function
0x00 Sensor firmware rev
0x01 Manufacturer code
0x02 Sensor Id. code
0x03 Not used
0x04 Direction data – 1200Hz
0x05 Signal strength – 1200Hz
0x06 Direction data – 600Hz
0x07 Signal strength – 600Hz
0x08/0x09 Left side raw data – 1200Hz (lsb:msb)
0x0A/0x0B Right side raw data – 1200Hz (lsb:msb)
0x0C/0x0D Left side raw data – 600Hz (lsb:msb)
0x0E/0x0F Right side raw data – 600Hz (lsb:msb)


Power 5 volts DC. 20 mA max.
Standard 4 pin connector For connection to 4 pin I2C port
Logic voltage levels Logic 0 – 0 volts, Logic 1 – 5 volts
Wiring standard Pin 1 – black – GndPin 2 – white – I2C SCLPin 3 – yellow – I2C SDA Pin 4 – red – +5v
I2C address 0x38
I2C address change option No
I2C bus speed 100KHz max.
Operating IR wavelength range 850 – 940 nm.
IR modulation 600 Hz and 1200 Hz
Internal sampling rate 30 samples per second
Typical maximum range 2.4 meters
Unit dimensions – LxWxH 32 x 32 x 19 millimeters
Mounting holes 24 x 24 millimeters square pattern
Unit weight 12 grams
Wire length 25 centimeters
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