OKTOPUS Basics, Blend, and GameZones Course


30 minute, self-paced, online course over OKTOPUS, OKTOPUS Blend, and GameZones for 1 teacher.


This bundle contains three courses: OKTOPUS Basics, OKTOPUS Blend, and GameZones.

In the first course, participants will learn how to get started with using the key functions of OKTOPUS software in a classroom setting.

This includes file and page management, using OKTOPUS as a whiteboarding tool, incorporating existing classroom materials, and using the various OKTOPUS educational widgets.

In the OKTOPUS Blend course, participants will learn how to set up and facilitate live, interactive presentations with their students. Students will be able to respond to questions in real-time while teachers can view and save results.

Finally, participants will learn how to use OKTOPUS GameZones, a game-based, educational software platform that engages students in their learning while introducing or reinforcing key lesson concepts.

Once purchased, users will have 3-month, continuous access to all course materials.

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